17 Top Cleaning Tips From Eco Clean Solutions


Every home has cleaning difficulties, ranging from pet odors to dirty televisions. You need to know how to handle these difficulties whether you’re a homeowner or a professional Eco Clean Solutions.

We spoke with Eco Clean Solutions companies around the country to get the lowdown on dirt removal. Take a page from the pros’ book with these 17 helpful cleaning techniques if you want to make your home or your clients’ homes sparkle.

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1- Multi-Tasking Products Should Be Used:

Avoid falling into the traps of the manufacturers by purchasing a slew of specialty products for each and every facet of cleaning. You’ll wind yourself with a cupboard full of expensive cleaning supplies that you’ll never use! Stick to the goods you truly need, such as a disinfecting all-purpose cleaner that can also clean glass, a disinfecting bathroom cleaner, and a wood and tile-safe floor cleaner.

2- Have the Right Equipment:

The same may be said for cleaning supplies. You’ll run out of space if you acquire all of the specialty tools that the makers are attempting to sell you. A few excellent microfiber cleaning cloths, a few sponges, a handle and detail scrub brush, a plastic scraper, a vacuum that can clean hard floors and carpets, a microfiber “feather” duster, and a microfiber mop are all you actually need to keep your house tidy.

3- Grab up a Toothbrush:

It’s difficult to find a tool that can compete with this multi-purpose cleaning tool. Cleaning vents is straightforward using a toothbrush or grout brush, which can help you get the worst gunk out of the tightest corners. The bristles, on the other hand, are the source of strength. Allow them to complete the task for you.

4- Construct a Cleaning Caddy:

Organize your cleaning items in a cleaning caddy to make cleaning more efficient and time-consuming. This way, no matter where you are in the house, you’ll always have access to the necessary tools and goods. You could even clean while wearing a tool belt with simple cleaning supplies and sprays.

5- First, declutter:

The majority of households have an excessive amount of clutter. The key to getting the house clean is to get rid of all of the unnecessary items. Before you can start dusting and polishing, you’ll need to locate a location to store your books and magazines.

6- Stick to a System:

Cleaning effectively necessitates the use of a system. Make sure you finish one cleaning task before moving on to the next, otherwise you’ll become overwhelmed and disorganized, forgetting what you’ve done and what you haven’t. Remember to sweep each room from top to bottom to catch dust as it falls.

7- Effective Vacuuming:

With one simple tweak, you can speed up your vacuuming activities. In the house’s central room, connect your vacuum. This saves time because you can vacuum in each room before doubling back to unplug the cord and plug it into a different socket. Add an extension if your cord is too short.

8- Electronics for Dust:

Turn off the TV or monitor, then gently clean the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. Dampen the cloth with distilled water or an equal mixture of distilled water and white vinegar if necessary. Liquid should never be sprayed directly on an LED, LCD, or plasma screen since it may cause damage.

9- Obtain a New Scent:

Many cleaning products have unpleasant chemical odors that make a house smell like a lab. To avoid this, use sodium borate, washing soda, vinegar, and baking soda to build your own cleaning solutions. For a lovely smell, add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, grapefruit, yang-ylang, and lemon.

10- scrubbing the showerhead:

It’s simple to get rid of built-up residue on your showerhead by tying a bag of vinegar over it and letting it dissolve overnight. Rinse the showerhead in the morning. It will be clean.

11- Grease Must Be Removed:

Eraser sponges are great for removing grease buildup from frequently touched items like door handles and light switches.

12- Clean Refrigerator Coils:

Prepare for some heavy-duty vacuuming to get your refrigerator fully clean. Remove the kick plate from the refrigerator and vacuum the fur and hair from the coils. Your refrigerator will not only be cleaned, but it will also run more effectively, saving you money on your energy expenses.

13- Cleaning the Windows:

Use balled-up newspaper to clean tiny windows and mirrors because it is soft and won’t scratch the surface. Use a squeegee with a handle attachment for larger mirrors and windows; not only will you save time, but a squeegee may also assist you reach the window’s high edges.

14- Get Rid of Pet Odors:

Spray the carpet with a spray bottle loaded with white vinegar to get rid of pet odors. After that, sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar-soaked area and let it dry. Remove the excess soda with a sweeping motion and a vacuum. The mixture literally takes the odor out of your carpet, leaving it feeling fresh.

15- Tiles with Vacuum Grout:

Don’t start scrubbing your tile flooring just yet. Before applying a cleaning solution to your tile floor, vacuum or sweep it to remove any loose dirt or debris.

16- Using a Metre Stick to Reach:

Do you have problems dusting high-up or difficult-to-reach places? Grab a metre stick with you. Place a sock on one end and fasten it with a rubber band. It’s an excellent tool for getting behind headboards and under furniture.

17- Get Low:

When you believe you’ve finished cleaning a room, drop down to eye level and see your home from a different perspective. You may see if there are any crumbs or dust that need to be cleaned up by getting close to your surfaces.

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