Our Services

Allbrite is a company dedicated to giving people access to professional cleaning services. We don’t just offer clients the chance to take advantage of our extensive knowledge and years of expertise in cleaning office spaces. We offer clients a chance to save money by streamlining their cleaning services.

It is amazing to see how many companies fail to give provide employees the hygienic environment needed to work efficiently. Having clean and sanitary offices is important for staff comfort, productivity and reducing the need for sick leave.

Commercial Cleaning

Our offers begin with commercial cleaning, which is the major focus of our professional cleaning services. Our thoroughly vetted teams will service your commercial premises to the highest standard. Allbrite cleaners are able to clean your business without disrupting the flow of their operations.

Indoor Plants and Allbrite Silk

Other than professional cleaning services, Allbrite also has products to make commercial spaces more welcoming and pleasant. We have a catalogue of plants – both real and synthetic – for our clients to choose from. Brighten the office with some vibrant colours and create an ambience for staff and visitors at your business.

Bathroom Services and Consumables

The scope of Allbrite’s professional cleaning services extends beyond commercial spaces. They also include the areas that require the most attention and sanitation – the bathrooms. Other than cleaning services, our teams also provide clients with efficient dispenser systems, as well as the supply of sanitation consumables.

Prevent your employees and visitors from the prospect of entering a bathroom without toilet paper or rubbish bags. The state of the bathrooms is one of the biggest areas that impact the health and safety of your employees.

Integrated Packages

If you need more than one of these services, Allbrite gives clients the chance to create a tailored custom package that only includes the things they need. These packages can include any number of the services on offer, as well as any combination depending on your requirements.

All these services and more are available to businesses and even residents of Auckland, Wellington, and Hamilton. Allbrite is one of the leading cleaning service companies in New Zealand. Contact us today.