Allbrite Cleaning Services in Wellington

Wellington is a great place to live and do business. Making the region one of the most
16 central locations in the entire country for products and services. Wellington a busy commercial and residential hub.

We have a collection of services anyone within the Wellington area can take advantage of. All they need to do is to give us a call.

Window Cleaning

Now, we know people have a variety of choices when looking for Wellington window cleaners, but there are very few who can offer the kind of knowledge and experience that ALLBRITE has at its disposal. The Wellington team uses the same standard of quality
control that allowed the company to become one of New Zealand’s leading cleaning service providers.

Carpet Cleaning

Allbrite’s team can perform expert carpet cleaning for clients and take care of another chore that they don’t have time to do themselves. Our trained staff are expert in removing soil and stains from all types of carpet. The advantage we offer is that we have Wellington carpet cleaning teams ready to service your carpets at a time that suits you.

Pest Control

Even people who’ve spent their lives in the region will be hard put to find a Wellington pest control service bundled with cleaning options, but that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Allbrite clients never have to worry about walking into an office and then finding creepy crawlies all over their staplers. We make sure that the only things stirring in your offices are your employees.

These aren’t the only things we offer the good people of Wellington. Explore the rest of our website and find the services that you need.